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Continue to strive to better equip the under served markets by supplying relevant testing for diseases that are problematic. Done through continuous development, acquisition and in-country sampling of similar niche disease markets.

Continue to provide a better client experience, through to the end user of the product, by understanding our partners needs and internalizing them. Done through a focus on consolidating orders, appropriate lot selection, helping connect clients to internal resources for technical support, as well as selecting the best product for their needs.

Continue to serve the end user – the patient, by having quality products with accurate results. Done through well tested, documented procedures for designing tests, standards of acceptable practice throughout the medical community and high standards for Quality Control.

Continue to supply products to foreign clients, governments and non-governemental organizations conveniently and on time. Done through supporting multiple carriers & freight organizations, improving processes to decrease shipment times, working with foreign customs and regulations, utilizing better packing methods for convenient processing of incoming product.

Continue to fulfill or exceed client and regulatory requirements domestically and internationally to ensure consistent manufacturing and competitive advantage. Done through regular audits and a commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Continue to supply product with brief lead times, little variance, and the highest attainable quality. Done through careful selection of vendors, detailed raw materials specifications, incoming testing and/or inspection, and careful planning of production cycles.

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